Bedroom Design and How to Sleep Better

Almost everyone has experienced restlessness at some point in their lives. You know the feeling—that unpleasant moment where you’re tossing and turning all night, and just can’t seem to drift into a deep sleep. It’s as if every little noise is amplified, and your mind just won’t stop racing with random thoughts about practically everything except sleep. Chronic wakefulness can have a lasting impact on the mind, and impair your ability to concentrate. It also leaves you feeling sluggish and tired the next day.

What can you do to fight restlessness? We’re constantly reminded that better sleep is only a mattress change away, but is investing in an expensive new bed the only practical solution? There are, in fact, multiple ways to revamp your bedroom for a better night’s sleep! Here are a few ideas for how to sleep better:

How to sleep better by making a few changes in your bedroom

Replace your pillow

Much like your mattress, you want your pillow to be firm. Down is a classic (and comfortable) natural filler. Alternatively,  memory foam pillows that contour to the shape of your head can help relax your neck and shoulder muscles. Another important tip is to clean your pillowcase and sheets regularly. Wash them in hot liquids to minimize dust mites, symptoms of allergies, and to clean your pillowcase of dead skin cells, sweat, and oils.

Select the right window treatment

As children, we may have slept better with a light in the hallway on, but now that we’re adults, we’re simply hardwired to sleep better in the dark. Your bedroom should have window treatments that are chosen not just for their looks but for the ability to shut out light at all hours. At the same time, these window treatments need to permit adequate air circulation.

At Chicagoland Home Products, we recommend a good pair of honeycomb shades or blinds for your bedroom. Our collection of Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades are designed with multiple layers of fabric to help insulate,  reduce outside noise, and also give you varying degrees of light control. If your room faces the sun in the morning, custom blinds can offer you more in the way of light reduction. There are several different styles, and many people tend to opt for wooden or aluminum blinds for their room.

The color of your walls can make a difference

A recent study found that if you want to know how to sleep better, painting your walls blue may be the answer. Or green, or yellow, for that matter. The study found that painting your room with calm colors can affect light sensors in our eyes, which control our sleep rhythms.

Do you have any other tips or tricks on how to sleep better? Tell us! Share your favorite ideas on our Facebook page, or on Twitter. Looking to add a customized window treatment to your bedroom? Contact us for a free consultation!

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