Closet Organization Tips that Save Space

It’s a simple fact: we keep a lot of clothes hanging in our closet. There are garments we wear constantly, some for special occasions, some we hold on to from nostalgia from our younger years, and some that we’re saving until they fit better. What’s more important is that all of them are vying for our precious closet space. How can you manage your clothing as your wardrobe continues to expand, while still saving storage space? Check out these closet organization tips below!

4 Closet Organization Tips for Your Home

1. Incorporate a double hang in to your closet

One strategy we employ often when designing custom closets for our clients here at Chicagoland Home Products is to install a double hang. A double hang is a closet rod that hooks and hangs onto the permanent closet rod, which essentially doubles the amount of storage capacity you can have available! Whether you have a traditional or a walk-in closet, this is a fantastic way to store an additional row of shirts, skirts, or other articles of clothing.

 2. Separate the closet into “His” and “Hers” sections

If you plan on sharing a closet space with a significant other, it is best to divide the closet and allocate space in very distinct sections for the two of you. After you’ve divided the space in half, start at the bottom and work up vertically to build out each of your sections.

Make sure there is no c0-mingling with your partner’s garments—this will ensure that you are both able to easily find what you’re looking for in the morning!

3. Pants should go on the top

Do you fold your pants over a hanger to hang them? When pants are hung this way, they typically don’t fall as far as a shirt or jacket would, making them ideal to place on the top rod of a double hang setup. By hanging your pants this way, it will be much easier to set articles of clothing on the lower rod. This space saving technique also allows you to have a double hang in your closet if it isn’t tall enough to accommodate a traditional one, which requires an 84” height.

4. Install a belt rack

Belts can be awkward to store and hang if you don’t have a proper way to organize them! Instead of tossing your belts in a drawer or letting them pile up on a shelf, consider adding a belt rack to your closet. We recommend a pivot belt rack that can swing out to display your entire collection of belts, saving you additional space in your closet.

Looking for more closet organization tips? We’re here to help! Contact our team for a free design consultation and we can help you transform your closet into the most efficient space possible!


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