Why Angie’s List Recommends Custom Window Treatments

Adding our Chicago window treatments to your home won’t just make it more stylish—it can also help you stay more comfortable, and save money! Although we’ve been praising the benefits of custom window treatments for years, Angie Hicks of the nationally known review website Angie’s List did some research on the topic, and released a video recommending them for your home.

The window treatments she recommends include window blinds, shades, and shutters. Here’s why:

Window blinds are a great choice for reducing heat from the sun. Choosing a high quality blind (such as from Hunter Douglas) can reduce your heat gain by up to 45%! Whether vertical of horizontal, this is a very noticeable difference in the summer time, and one that will have you sweating much less. Blinds are also good to pair with drapes, as they can assist in preventing heat loss during the winter.

Shades are window coverings that are designed using a combination of durable plastic, fabric and other materials that are wrapped around a roller. These give you the ability to control the amount of light entering a room, and are a great option for taller windows. Some shades come with the ability to remotely control how far up or down they are raised! If you’re looking for an insulated option,honeycomb shades will give you the most protection throughout the year. Their three dimensional design provides a barrier that reduces solar heat entering your home.

Shutters are beautiful, generally designed with solid wood, and offer absolute sunlight control for your home. These are another option that Angie’s List recommends, and one that will give your home a beautiful appearance that only wood can provide. We offer a variety of both Hunter Douglas and Norman Window shutters that we can design and install for your home.

Choosing custom window treatments can be a tough task, but the good news is, you have help! If you’re not sure what would look best in your home, we offer a completely free consultation to help you analyze and decide what would be best. According to Angie’s List, after you’ve selected a window treatment, the key to energy savings and increased comfort is by having your window coverings properly installed by experts.

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