Mudroom Ideas For Your Chicago Home

Efficiency in home design is all about using every inch of space available. When it comes to your mudroom or entryway, you want to assign room to everything you could need in pick-up and drop-off points. This can accommodate things like shoes and boots that we store in compartments, to areas for coats, hats, and other accessories.

You may be wondering—how elaborate is a well designed mudroom, and what are some examples of storage techniques that we use in optimizing one? Let’s take a look at a home in the Chicago village of Northbrook. We created a mudroom storage solution for the family living there, and you can see our recommendations for the best ways to save space.

The 2 Mudroom Ideas That Save the Most Space

1. Storage lockers with proper hooks and drawers

The biggest addition you can make to your mudroom is having a large storage locker with multiple ways to organize clothing and accessories. The one we built above includes plenty of hooks to accommodate coats for the whole family. The compartments below have plenty of depth and are great at storing footwear, leaving you with less clutter in your mudroom.

2. Additional cabinets above your washer/dryer

Vertical design is one of the techniques that many urban and city homes employ to get the most out of their space available. Whether your space is limited, or you simply want to make a room appear larger, building cabinets above your washer/dryer combo makes storing detergent and other cleaning products simple and efficient. It also keeps those products out of sight from small children, leaving you with a safe, beautifully designed mudroom.

Would you like more mudroom ideas? Get in touch with and schedule a free consultation for your home! We’ll help you design and build an organized space that is personalized just the way you want it.


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