A Custom Designed Storage Masterpiece

Chicagoland Home Products has designed and installed another custom-storage masterpiece, out in the northwest suburbs, McHenry County, in Woodstock, Illinois– with many organizing “tricks” that will make you feel like you’re living in a “treat”.

This magical project makes an ironing board disappear. A fold-down ironing board that retracts to be out of the way when you don’t want it, but easy to deploy when you need it, would be a pretty good trick, all by itself, but, although there will be no rabbit, there is much more to pull out of this project’s hat.

With a skilled craftsman’s wave of the hand, CHP also conjures a custom vanity to untangle a Gordian knot of necklaces. A felt-backed necklace storage space appears and, voila, no need for the nuisance of necklace clutter.

The final trick, the hiding of the washer and dryer, is pulled from the sleeve with the strategic placement of an end panel. Now you see it, now you don’t!

As with all magic, the tricks are woven together with skilled flourishes – like contemporary crown and base molding, mirrors, a handy island centered in the room and durable, attractive countertops in a Morning Dew finish.

This magical melody is all drawn together in the Aria materials that are used to build the project.

One more thing, if window transformation is your goal, we hold the key to light and dark, as well as, functional and beautiful covering solutions.

Whether you are downtown, in the suburbs, or even in the great northwest of McHenry County, just beckon CHP by phone, email or live chat and we will be ready to do your bidding.

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