Modern & Cool at Basecamp River North

Chicago’s Basecamp River North has been described as “quintessentially modern, contemporary, practical, cool, and urban,” so it is no surprise that Chicagoland Home Products is making a big impression there with home office, custom storage and closet solutions.

A recent installation features the sleek, straight grain appeal of Queenston Oak material in the office area. The increased 8 foot system height and overhead space provide a convenient location for paper and supplies. Chicagoland Home Products tops that off with the right amount of room for computer equipment and file storage, while creating the area to tackle any project.

In the closets, the crisp white design utilizes every square inch of space to maximize opportunities for double hanging and long hanging. These reach-in closets include convenient hamper baskets and provide the flexibility of adjustable shelves. Hang it, fold it, crush it—any way you want it, this closet system is ready to accept challenges.

We look forward to planning something for you, with you, or to make your design come true. While we are talking, let’s not forget to chat about our elegant, stylish and very functional window covering solutions.

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