Full-Capacity Storage for City Garage

Given the nearness of Thanksgiving, it’s not surprising that Chicagoland Home Products was talking stuffing on a recent project in Lincoln Park. The bird, in this case, was a three car garage and the key to stuffing a garage is to do it so it doesn’t looked stuffed. If it looks stuffed, then it is messy.

It is pretty obvious that the comedian, George Carlin had it all figured out when he said, “That’s all I want, that’s all you need in life, is a little place for your stuff.” So with Carlin’s simple truism in place combined with, “if it looks stuffed it is messy,” we conclude “if you want to be happy for the rest of your life don’t let a stuffed looking garage cause strife.”

So, CHP was called in to store stuff neatly. That’s what we did.

When three vehicles are filling up a garage, there are few options beside “going up” and “going on to the walls.” We began by “going up.” Look just above the windows. Hanging from the ceiling and anchored in the walls are hylofts for overhead storage. You already know what you want to put up there. In a space deprived garage, the possibilities are endless with the hyloft.

That is just the start with this project. Now, look at the walls. If the hylofts didn’t pique your imagination, the grey slat walls will. Stuff you haven’t even bought yet would store neatly with the adjustable accessories that allow you to find a home for some of your most stubborn storage issues.

That’s why people call CHP. We have creative answers for all kinds of home and garage storage. In addition to garages, we speak closets and window coverings. When you speak the language and have the experience CHP has, then you can find solutions for problems that haven’t yet been identified. We will solve them creatively and collaboratively.

If you want to talk turkey about stuffing, without looking stuffed, then contact us via our live chat feature on our website, email, and, yes, we will, even, answer the phone — call us at 877-389-5500.

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