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Whether you’re entertaining guests by hosting a party, inviting family over for a special occasion, or simply cooking dinner, the kitchen is by far the most visited area in your home. As the center of congregation, deciding on a kitchen window treatment can drastically alter the ambiance and feel of the room. When you consider the fact that a typical kitchen is packed with metal appliances and wood cabinets, the style you choose needs to be able to complement everything else!
We recommend window shutters, as they are a versatile option that offers a classic yet stylish design. Here are a few specific reasons to consider shutters when planning a kitchen window treatment for your home!

3 Reasons to Choose Shutters for Your Kitchen Window Treatment:

1. Privacy

If your kitchen is located in a part of the house that faces your street, or a neighbor’s home, you’ll definitely want to make privacy a top concern. There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as being caught off guard when you aren’t ready for the outside world to see you in pajamas and bed head! To remedy this, window shutters are an excellent option for your kitchen. We carry both Hunter Douglas and Norman shutters that minimize the amount of sunlight (or wandering eyes) that can peer into your home.

2. Efficiency

Many homeowners skip over the thought of installing window shutters because they’re typically more expensive than blinds. However, the investment pays off in the long run! A kitchen window treatment in the form of window shutters provides insulation that no other covers can. As a result, they are very efficient and can help reduce your energy bills. Shutters are also easy to clean, generally requiring only a simple dusting thanks to their durability. Whether you choose wood, poly, or vinyl shutters depends on their location in your kitchen. If over a kitchen sink, we recommend poly or vinyl as they can better withstand exposure to humidity, water, and steam.

3.  Customization and Value

Many shutters can be painted (or stained, if wooden) to match the room they’re in. For your kitchen, you want the interior design scheme to be symmetrical. We’ll work with you to help choose the style and louver size that best match your needs.

One final note about shutters is that they can add value to your home! Shutters are a permanent fixture that require little upkeep and don’t need to be replaced. If you choose to go with custom installed shutters for your kitchen window treatment, they add a rich elegance and aesthetic to the home that is sure to give off a great first impression.

Want to learn more about window shutters and what we can do for your kitchen? Schedule a free consultation with our design team!


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