The Benefits of MDF Closets

When making the choice to install a new closet in your home, you have a lot of potential customizations at hand. First, you must decide from options such as the shelving, cabinetry, hampers, drawer dividers,  and more. Then, there’s the choice of color—what suits you best? A beautiful reddish brown Sienna Apple, or something simple and clean, like Bisque?

After that has been decided, the next question is: what sort of building material should be used? If you’re unsure, one option to consider is medium density fiberboard (otherwise known as MDF) when constructing your future closet.  We recently installed a MDF closet off Northern Michigan Ave for a family who wanted custom 68” width and hang sections for their bedroom, and a spray white lacquer finish to match their doors. The finished look was elegant, practical, and modern, thanks to our design team using MDF!

Why choose a MDF closet?

MDF  is an engineered wood product, and an incredibly versatile building material. Unlike traditional woods such as plywood, it does not contain knots or rings. It has a hard, flat, and smooth surface, making it ideal for painting. MDF closets are also perfect for customization, because the material can be cut into and drilled without ever damaging the surface—perfect for when there’s a specific style or feature you’re looking for.

How practical is MDF? It can actually be found in many different parts of the home, such as in furniture, shelving, laminate flooring, decorative moulding, doors, and more! It has fantastic insular qualities, and can withstand hot or humid environments (such as an adjacent bathroom).

Is a MDF closet the right choice for your future custom storage project? If you’re not sure yet, get in touch with us—we’re happy to provide a free consultation and help you decide the option that best fits your needs!


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