Garage Greatness: Making the Most with Custom Storage Solutions

Chicagoland Home Products arrived in Gurnee, Illinois with storage solutions that helped a garage to become all that it could be. In fact, if garages could talk and fill out surveys, 100% of those surveyed would want to be like this one. Every garage wants to be more than a place to park a car or a home to the haphazardly stored.

The Gurnee goal was to deliver a custom garage storage package that, among other things, helped kids easily access their play brooms and shovels. Part of that solution, also, gave the children a way to put away their rakes and little lawnmowers. What parent wouldn’t be pleased to see a child’s playthings neatly placed on hooks and shelves, specifically designed, to be within reach of the child? It’s just possible this would make it easier to pull the car into the garage without stopping to clear a path.

Since it works for kids to have a storage solution of their own, why not give equal opportunity for the adults to put away their toys and tools? With custom garage storage like this, your golf clubs, shoes and accessories, will have a home. They will want to leap out of your vehicle and onto their convenient shelves.

Just about anything can be hung on the slat wall – it is perfect for holding lawn equipment, tools and even more toys. With so many things needing to be recharged these days, note the convenient work surface and charging area.

One other thing, those garages that were surveyed, wanted to look good too. While your garage can choose what fits its own style, this garage wanted its storage to be wrapped in a Merapi finish with square brushed chrome handles. Now, it looks good, has lots of room, is accessible for kids and adults, is organized, and ready to handle the challenges that you give it.

Chicagoland Home Products is, also, ready any challenges you give it. Contact our custom storage specialists today and when your project is done, if you fill out a survey, you will be able to declare that you are 100% satisfied with our garage storage solutions, custom closets, window treatments or projects that might defy categorization. Schedule your free consultation online now, or call 877-389-5500.

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