Making the Most out of a Minimal Mudroom

At Chicagoland Home Products one of our favorite things is to provide maximum storage function in minimum space. That is exactly what happened in this Mokena mudroom. The homeowners gave us one, relatively, small wall and asked, “What can you do with that?’

Our response is, “We can take care of a space for boot storage at the bottom. Would you like a place to keep you hats near the top? How about a spot for your gloves and mittens to hang out together so they are ready for you to find and use whenever you need them?”

The homeowner loves those ideas.

They, also, like the idea of hooks for jackets at the back of the system. Since this is a custom mudroom, designed to fit our client’s, specific, storage needs, we, of course, provide a dozen places to hang up whatever they want hung up.

Chicagoland Home Products provides all this storage, in little space, and makes it all look great. All of this function is wrapped in our Morning Dew system with a Chalbi Clay countertop to provide fantastic durability. The hooks and the Emerald handles, in brushed chrome, bring the whole unit together for a complete, quality, custom storage solution.

This multi-purpose mudroom organizer, is fully backed to keep things neat and clean. Shaker doors provide a distinctive look. Crown and base molding coronate the job as complete and ready for a variety of practical uses.

Closets, mudrooms, garage storage, window coverings, or custom projects, that are not easily classified, at all part of the Chicagoland Home Product’s repertoire. Contact us today at 877-389-5500 and let’s solve some storage problems!

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