Everybody Do Their Share: Custom Storage for Toys

The Northwest Chicago suburbs hosted one of Chicagoland Home Product’s latest storage solutions projects. Kildeer, Illinois had some children who really wanted to put their toys away. Finding a place to store toys can be kind of confusing, especially for preschoolers — so CHP came to the rescue with a custom storage system.

This solution provides ample storage for your tiny tot’s toys. Parenting experts suggest that one of the keys to helping kids put things away is a routine. Among the things that can help establish a routine are definite places to put playthings. Just think about how confusing it is for you, the adult, to put things away if you don’t know where to put them. Kids are the same way, only they are usually less driven to find the right spot for that giant panda.

Effective children’s storage needs to be kid-sized and in a configuration that is specific for your home. CHP can design just the right custom application to meet your needs. Six open shelves, six doors, two top shelves, and a place for a small TV highlight the Kildeer design.

The project starts with white melamine as a base for a neat looking and easy-to-clean storage installation. Flat panel fronts help keep things simple, but you are free to choose your own finish and front style. Bar pull handles provide a simple and classic solution.

The open shelves will be a kid’s favorite. They may want to find their Legos quickly if they have an immediate urge to build. Elmo may need to be positioned for quick deployment.

While other toys, i.e. Kacey the Pink Koala might be better off hidden behind doors. Also, you may want to help your child see the value of stowing those noisy toys where they are not the first thing deployed in the early morning.

A mounted TV, in its place, brings in the kid’s favorite programming into an easy to monitor space.

Think about custom designed toy storage in your house and, if you want to be a popular Grandparent, Uncle or Aunt, consider giving a play storage solution to the parents of the child who makes your eyes sparkle.

The design professionals at Chicagoland Home Products will also help create custom storage for your toys too — in your basement or garage. While you are at it, talk to CHP about what you can do with that closet or those outdated window coverings. Call 877-389-5500, chat or email today.

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