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Many of us have walk-in closets in our homes. They’re a great way to store a large amount of clothing and belongings, especially if the space is shared by more than one person. Essentially, it is a small room that can be used in a variety of useful ways—more so than you might think! Walk-in closets have many benefits. They can serve as a dressing room by simply adding a mirror, proper shelving, and racks. Or, for those who want to get really creative, you could take the extra space in a walk-in closet and convert part of it into a private office area! We did exactly that for a customer of ours in the village of Harwood Heights, by re-designing their closet to become an efficient and productive space.


Our Chicago storage solutions transformed this walk-in closet into a hybrid closet/office space:


The main entrance to the walk in closet had previously been used as extra space for holding shoes, boxes, and other items. There was a lot of potential to do something creative with this part of the room! We turned this into an office area by adding a custom counter-top, cabinets, cathedral style fronts, and personalized file drawers. With this setup, the home owner can easily add a computer and chair, for a quiet, private study spot in their home.

As you move to the left side of the walk-in closet, we also re-did this area by maximizing the space available. We incorporated multiple shelves, drawers, and double hang racks, using the same simple but elegant white color scheme as the office area. In addition to their walk-in closet, we also re-designed the mudroom of this home to neatly store coats, boots, and more! You can see photos of that by visiting the Our Work page.

This project goes to show that whether you have a lot (or a little) space, personalized Chicago storage solutions can be tailored to fit your needs! An efficient and organized closet not only saves you time, but also adds value to your home. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with us and schedule a free, personalized design consultation today!


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