Stylish Apartment Shades

Stylish Apartment Shades in Central Chicago

Window Sales Consultant: Amanda Delaney

Colors: Dakota, Spirit White, and Crushed Pearl 

Location: Chicago


We installed custom roller shades in this Central Chicago kitchen and living room. These perfectly fit this apartment’s stunning wraparound windows and offer enhanced light control. The custom roller shades provide a sleek and modern aesthetic and offer practical benefits such as privacy and insulation. 

This precise fit effectively blocks out sunshine, allowing you to create the desired lighting in your space. Shades can also help regulate the room temperature by regulating heat, which helps contribute to energy efficiency. 

Their easy-to-operate roller system ensures convenience for everyday use, making them an ideal choice for busy urban dwellers. Overall, these roller shades enhance both the functionality and style of the living environment, complementing the chic atmosphere of Central Chicago living. 



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