Turn Your Home’s Unused Space into a Storage Area

Turn Your Home’s Unused Space into a Storage Area

Designer: Greg Cetera

Colors: White with flat fronts

Location: LaGrange, IL

For this client, we designed built-in units in an unused space of their home. This helped maximize space, and instead of items having no place to go (other than the floor), they now have cabinets, hanging rods, and over-the-head storage. 

If you live in a smaller home, this can help clear up space. You can reduce clutter and create a more functional living environment by providing designated storage areas for various items. The hanging rods and overhead storage further maximize vertical space utilization and allow for efficient storage of clothing, accessories, and other belongings.

Our thoughtful design solutions can help your smaller home feel spacious, making it easier for you to keep your living areas neat and orderly. You can feel calm and relaxed in your home when everything has its designated place. 


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