Built-in Cabinet for an Unused Wall

Wall Bed and Closet in Chicago Condo

Designer: Tammy Treacy

Color: Casting at 1st Light

Location: Chicago



Introducing a solution to maximize your home’s space: a custom built-in cabinet for an unused wall. Most walls serve no storage purpose, which can make it harder to maximize space in certain rooms. A built-in cabinet offers a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution to this common dilemma. By incorporating a built-in cabinet, you address storage needs and enhance the overall functionality and appeal of your home. 

Our tailored approach ensures that every inch of your living space is used while maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic. With our expertise in closet design, every aspect of your built-in system will meet your unique needs and preferences. From maximizing hanging space to incorporating specialized storage features, we prioritize functionality without compromising style.

While installing a built-in closet may seem complex, our team simplifies the process, guiding you through each step from design to installation. Let Chicagoland Home Products help unlock your home’s full potential with our innovative built-in closet solutions.


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