Custom Built-in Transforms Basement to Playroom in No Time

Chicago’s, award-winning, Chicagoland Home Products knows that, when providing storage solutions and custom closets, what you don’t see, can be as important as what you do see.

Here’s a case of “now you see it and now you don’t” as the first step in a successful storage project. In the first picture, you can see the pipes that provide a degree of ugliness to almost any room. In addition, they are awkward and intrusive, making it difficult to develop this basement space into something usable.

In the other picture, you don’t see the pipes. Worthless space is transformed into worthwhile storage, while doors along the bottoms still provides access to the pipes if needed. The basement playroom materializes along with abundant, wall-to-wall, storage in the custom built-in from CHP.

This beautiful custom wall storage is well dressed in white shaker fronts and square brushed chrome handles.

Whether closets, garage storage, window coverings, or custom projects, that don’t even have a name yet, Chicagoland Home Products will eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive.

Contact CHP today, online or at 877-389-5500, and we will help you tune out the bad and tune up the good.

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