Fresh Custom Storage for Nursery and Laundry Room

Chicagoland Home Products doubled the custom storage fun for some clients in the Chicago suburb of Burr Ridge. The twin project improved storage space and appearance in a laundry room and a nursery.

Take a look at the picture of the nursery. That’s the one with the crib. Now, imagine that wonderful wall of storage without any doors. That would make it not so wonderful.

Chicagoland Home Products added those doors to take advantage of existing custom built-in storage and corral any wayward onesies. The doors provide a neat clean appearance and help avoid chaos around the crib.

Antique white cabinets and portobella fronts attractively finish the ample storage in the baby’s room.  The sleek bar handles reduce fumbling when the baby is in a hurry.

Let’s not forget what is happening in the Laundry Room. It was, sadly, just a “standard” laundry room with the major accessory being a furnace. Everyone knows a “standard” laundry room is simply a code word for inefficient, inadequate or in-a-rut.

Enter Chicagoland Home Products to make this laundry room transform the space into a custom storage dream. The Diva colored material, with a snappy grain, adds dimension to dull space. Since no one would choose a furnace to accessorize anything, it is taken out of the picture by partially enclosing it.

Everyone knows that little gap, between the washer and dryer, is where things wiggle their way to disappear. Again, everyone, also, knows that a laundry room is only as marvelous as its folding area. CHP created a countertop area above the washer and dryer which provides space for folding and eliminates the space between the appliances.

Little jobs, big projects or tasks in-between, Chicagoland Home Products will be your partner in storage and window covering improvements.



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