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Custom closets in the Chicago suburbs aren’t unusual… just west of the city in Wood Dale, Chicagoland Home Products found a bedroom in need of a custom closet. This bedroom was built with far too little storage space for the demands of the clients.

It was time to employ a formula that has worked repeatedly. Need + Creativity + Chicagoland Home Products = Wonderful, Practical, Economical Custom Closet Solutions.

There was no conventional closet space to be remodeled, so the key was to creatively appropriate an unused area of the bedroom. Along one wall, 24 unused inches received a higher calling. It begged to serve as a two foot deep, built-in custom closet system.

The doors and the drawers sport a comforting cocoa bean finish. Raised panel fronts enrich the look and are accented by Oil Rub Bronze handles. The closet is framed with crown molding and base, with shoe, which enrich an already opulent look.

While it is great to have a fabulous looking exterior, the real payoff comes with what is delivered by the functionality of the closet. This closet spins up a jackpot.

The hardware inside the closet echoes the Oil Rub Bronze on the outside. Open the doors to reveal ample area for hanging. Several open shelves provide convenient storage for sweaters and pants. Last, the drawers supply the final touch for socks and undergarments.

But that’s not quite the final touch… don’t miss that LED lighting. You can actually see in this closet! A convenient in-closet push button control enables you to command the lighting when you want it and without looking for a switch on the wall.

That brings us to another formula that always works. Clients with custom storage and window shading needs + Chicagoland Home Products = satisfaction and value for all concerned.

Look deep into the projects on our website, send us an email or call us.  Let’s see what we can create together this spring.

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