Window Covering Ideas That Reduce Energy Consumption

Go green and your utility costs will be lower in the long run. It’s a simple fact that has been preached for ages, but many of us often think of only the major (and costly) home improvements that can be made. Replacing old appliances with energy efficient ones, installing new windows, and properly insulating your home are all examples that can help in reducing your bill. However, there are other small steps you can take that will make an impact, such as replacing light bulbs with fluorescent ones, and most importantly: having energy efficient window coverings in every room!

Living Green Magazine recently released a list of window covering ideas that can make your home more comfortabe. Here are two of our favorite suggestions:


2 Window covering ideas you should consider


1. Shades

Most homes have window shades, and they’re an easy and affordable solution for any dwelling. But are your shades saving you money? If you’re looking for energy efficient¬†shades, we recommend Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shades.

Inspired by nature, these shades have a unique cellular design that traps air in pockets. This keeps your home cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. For maximum efficiency, consider the Duette Architella Trielle style, which contains six layers of insulating fabric .

2. Blinds

The debate of window shades vs blinds is an ongoing one, and while it does come down to personal style choice most often, there is a key difference between shades and blinds. With blinds, you’re getting more versatility. Unlike shades, blinds have slats that let you control the amount of sunlight and air that passes through. Blinds can also be constructed of wood (such as the Hunter Douglas Parkland Reflections blind) which give your room a beautiful, distinct style.

The trade-off is that in the summer, blinds will be slightly less efficient than shades because they still allow a small amount of light in.


Do you have a preference when it comes to blinds or shades? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the best window covering ideas!

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