Maximize Bedroom Space with a Wall Bed

If you find yourself in need of an extra bedroom or looking for a unique way to add space to your house or apartment, then a wall bed might be the answer to your problems. A wall bed can easily add extra bedroom space to your home that you didn’t know was there and Chicagoland Home Products offers a wide selection that can easily into integrate into any area.

Founded in 1900 by William Lawrence Murphy, the wall bed which also goes by the name, “murphy bed” was very popular in its day.  The wall bed is designed as bed with a hinge that folds vertically into a wall closet when not in use. Having a wall bed in one’s home became all the rage in the 20s and 30s metropolitan cities. As Kristin Hohenadel states in Slate, wall beds lost their allure with the American public after World War 2 when people flocked to the suburbs. However, wall beds have since made a comeback for both city dwellers and suburbanites looking to maximize their space with little effort.

Once only thought of as a hide-away bed, Chicagoland Home Products offers wall beds that double as a cabinet or entertainment center. So now, instead of having a bed in the middle of a studio apartment or one that takes up most of your bedroom floor space, a wall bed can easily be installed that not only maximizes your livable space but also helps you organize your possessions with storage solutions.

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