Every House Should Have a Mudroom and Here’s Why

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If you didn’t know, the little walkway inside of your door that’s used to store and remove shoes, outerwear, and other wet clothing is called a mudroom. A mudroom doesn’t necessarily have to be a room but it does have to be a place where things are stored before entering the main section of the house. Most people line their shoes up against the door or throw their coats in a closet. A mudroom storage system will clean up the clutter and simultaneously open up more space.

With the use of cabinets, hooks and shelves, you can customize a mudroom storage system that neatly fits in any high traffic area in your home.  Choosing from a variety of colors like white, maple or black and options such as baskets and shoe cubbies, your mudroom storage system will instantly organize your shoes and outerwear. You’ll be surprised how much time a mudroom can save you in cleaning and organizing.

Additionally, having a mudroom storage unit is very useful if you have children.  Most kids burst through the door after school and immediately throw their shoes and coats on the floor. Having a storage system that allows them to neatly and easily place their belonging in their own personal cubby is highly desirable on many levels.

Not sure how you can fit a mudroom in your house? Not sure what type of mudroom you want? Chicagoland Home Products can help.

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