6 Closet Products No Home Should Be Without

We know keeping things orderly can be hard. That’s why we carry products for your closet, specifically designed to make it as easy as possibe to keep your possessions in place. With great organizers, there’s no more guess work on where that belt goes, or where those sunglasses came from. Read on, and call us for help crafting your custom storage system.

Slide Out Shoe Organizer

No more searching through a pile of shoes or struggling to see what’s at the back of the shelf — this slide out shoe rack makes finding the perfect pair of shoes for your outfit a breeze.

Lingerie Drawer

Finding your delicates can be… well, delicate. Instead of digging through a cramped drawer, find exactly what you’re looking for with this neat, divided drawer.

Dual Slide Out Hamper

Separate your whites from your colors with ease. Don’t bother with hauling the day’s clothes to a hamper elsewhere – switch from work wear to lounge clothes right in your closet.

Acrylic Jewelry Drawer

This 3-tiered organizer makes it simple to store your favorite earrings, necklaces and bracelets. No more tangled strands twisted together, with clear, individual compartments.

Shelf Divider

Keep stacks of sweaters and pants from toppling over, and create dedicated spaces for purses or other accessories with these handy, see-through dividers.

Hanging Pant Rack

Free up shelves and save space with a hanging pant rack. Not to mention, your pants will look great!

If you’re interested in getting any of these products for your home, or learning about the many other items that can help you stay organized in your closet, pantry, mudroom or home office, give us a call, send us an email, or use the chat box at the right to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation.

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