Custom Office Makes Working From Home A Breeze

Chicagoland Home Products has created a custom home office in Chicago that you will probably like better than even a fancy corner office on State Street.

We’re confident you’ll like it because:

  • It’s customized—just for your needs and workflow
  • It’s conveniently located in a spare bedroom in your condo
  • It takes a basement or unused area, and converts it into productive space
  • It has the quickest commute time—just few steps away

It is tempting to just stay in that custom home office and not come out because, on top of all those features, it looks good too.

The color  chosen in this case, is the classic Memento that harmonizes perfectly with the walls. If Memento doesn’t work for you, there are many other options that fit your personality and needs.

The slate countertop provides an excellent counterpart to the desk and cubby materials. Square brushed chrome handles accent the whole project.

Chicagoland Home Products provides workspace, file drawers, open storage and drawers, all to your specifications. We can take care of your needs from the far north Chicagoland area, to the far south suburbs and out to the distant western hinterlands.

CHP will help you design an office, especially, for you and take care of all your storage and window covering needs. Call, email or chat today and CHP will give a reason to stay in the office a little longer.

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