Kitchen Storage Expandus

If you live in the city, you’re probably familiar with having a kitchen that doesn’t have QUITE enough storage space. Chicagoland Home Products was asked to custom design a storage and work area for this kitchen overflow area. It wasn’t the first time CHP provided a creative solution for a space like this.

In a perfect place for peripheral storage, four, floor to nearly ceiling, cabinets are custom designed for storage space within easy reach of the kitchen. There is just enough room next to the cabinets for a drawered cubby which is topped by a small work or display area that complements the the one below the bridge which connects the whole piece.

Chino finish and flat fronts are the perfect choices for the area this occupies. Custom handles are chosen from a variety of deluxe pulls in the Chicagoland Home Products collection.

You may have an area near your bathroom that is not quite a bathroom. There could be some odd something that lurks off the hallway leading from your living room to the bedrooms. Chicagoland Home Products frequently creates something from nothing when there is almost no room for anything. Think what great things you and CHP can do collaboratively with rooms that cannot be named.

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