Save Space with a Built-In Entertainment Center

Chicagoland Home Products regularly helps clients find room for storage where there isn’t any. For instance, with floor space at a minimum in this Lincoln Park apartment, what is one to do with all the accessories needed to make an entertainment center practical, neat and, even, like it was planned from the beginning?

Try building into the wall, beneath the television, six shelves, two drawers and a cupboard door, all in Melamine. Take that, accessories! Decluttered, organized and categorized in one neat, floor-space-friendly, custom storage solution from Chicagoland Home Products.

If your wall is not white, don’t worry, pick your own finish. Top it off with the molding of your choice. For hardware, pick from CHP’s catalog or, maybe, this is the time to use those unique flea market handles—the ones you were saving for just the right spot.

When you are living in Chicago, or anywhere else, trying to save space, think about built-in rather than free standing solutions. Call, email or chat with Chicagoland Home Products and we will help you discover the right answer for your storage questions.

All your home storage queries may be directed to CHP. We find solutions for closets, basements, garages, offices, kitchens, play areas and more. In addition, our wide selection of custom window coverings will make looking out at the snow almost a pleasure.

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