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Your kitchen is arguably the most important room of your house. It is a place where delicious meals are made, where guests congregate and socialize, and where most home owners spend a significant amount of time. This room is so important that home owners dedicate a large amount of time and resources in designing it a certain way.

One popular trend has been rustic kitchen design, where the goal is to give the kitchen some (or all) of the look and feel of the country. Rustic kitchen design conjures up images of earthen building materials, and the colors of autumn: orange, yellow, and brown. The goal is to bring in the look and feel of the outside, in a way that gives off an inviting warmth to your home. This can be accomplished in multiple ways, even if your home is in downtown Chicago! Here’s how:

Top tips for rustic kitchen design


Many homeowners install wooden cabinets and counter tops, especially those made of hickory, cherry, or pine. These often give the most immediate first impression when going for a rustic look. If you decide upon pine, having more knots in the wood will add the most amount of charm to your cabinets or counter tops.


A modern country kitchen also has hardwood floors with a natural, non-glossy appearance. Wide plank flooring is a great option if you want the most classic look.


Exposed wooden beams add charm and flair. If your home doesn’t have them, you can add prefabricated (non load bearing) beams instead, to get the same effect.


Lighting is important for a country kitchen, and your windows should be designed in a way to allow as much natural lightning in as possible. Choose a window treatment that complements the color of your kitchen and the style of your cabinets.


A well designed pantry is a must. Food storage has traditionally been a large element of a country kitchen, and the pantry is where all of your ideas for future meals can be saved. Again, you’ll want to design the pantry with the style of your other furniture and cabinets in mind.

When it comes to a fantastic rustic kitchen design, there are many elements that can make up the full experience! Our team at Chicagoland Home Products can install the window treatments and pantry storage to give your home the look and feel you’re going for. Whether it’s something sleek and modern, or full of country soul, we can help. Give us a call, set up a free consultation, and start designing the kitchen of your dreams!

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