The Secret Office

Chicagoland Home Products specializes in making closets into more efficient custom storage but, some Chicagoans find their closet has a different calling. After contacting CHP, these clients converted this space into a highly functional, out-of-the-way, home office.

Open the doors and say, “Hello,” to your computer workspace. Close the doors and everything is out-of-sight — perfect for the those who have trouble keeping a neat desktop.

Featuring two pedestals, the ample black work surface blends with the desk that is finished in Rain Cloud. Metro style, brushed chrome handles provide sure grips for drawers and doors.

In this configuration, you will find cubby style shelves for books. Slots provide a home for pictures and other miscellany. Pencil drawers wait on each side of the desk to provide a home for those quaint leaded writing implements or for whatever really goes in your pencil drawers.

The work surfaces, above the open shelving to the right and left, provide a place for things like a fax and a printer. Little touches, like grommets for wire management, are included in this CHP installation.

If you don’t feel like organizing the work surface or the shelves, just close the door and no one will ever know the cluttered creativity that goes on behind those doors. If you are proud of your neatness, leave the doors open.

CHP can provide practical, functional and attractive office space in your home. If you need a little help to make the office area in your business work better, we will be happy to help you with that.

Playrooms, closets, garages, basements are just a few of the spaces where Chicagoland Home Products will make your home more livable.

Contact CHP today and see how easy it is to make big differences with small changes.

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