Sloped Ceiling Cabinet Application

Sloped Ceiling Cabinet Application

Designer: Teri Magee

Colors: White 

Location: Mt. Prospect, IL

Sloped ceilings can make it difficult to maximize your storage space, and many homeowners leave the area unused altogether. However, with our expertise in custom closet solutions, we can help transform these tricky areas into beautifully functional storage spaces.

Whether installing angled shelves that follow the contour of your ceiling or designing uniquely shaped built-in wardrobes, our solutions are custom built to complement your home. For lower ceiling areas, sleek, low-profile cabinets can be a great idea, perfect for storing less frequently used items while keeping them easily accessible.

Don’t let the challenge of a sloped ceiling deter you from achieving more storage. With our innovative designs, we can turn even the most awkward spaces into stylish and efficient storage solutions. Let us help you transform your home into a model of efficiency and style, as seen in the project here. 

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