Custom Lighting for Clarendon Hills Primary Closet

Custom Lighting for Clarendon Hills Primary Closet

Designer: Lynn Casanova

Colors: White Chocolate and Toasted Oak (lighted system) & Morning Dew (non-lit system)

Location: Claredon Hills, IL



When designing the primary closet for a residence in Clarendon Hills, our custom lighting installation elevated the space’s aesthetic and usability. For the same home, we designed a custom closet space without custom lighting as seen in photos below. We believe that the right lighting can transform a primary closet from a mere storage area into a luxurious wardrobe showcase that helps you feel excited while getting ready.


We focused on layered lighting for each shelf, drawer, and hanging space, with soft, diffused light that gently illuminates the entire closet. These are complemented by strategic lighting, such as under the shelves. This combination ensures that minimal shadows so every item is visible, whether you’re reaching for a business suit or an evening dress. We’re also able to line your drawers for a boutique-like feel when sorting through jewelry. These thoughtful, functional touches turn your closet into a part of the home you want to show off.


Our expert designers understand that a primary closet is more than just a place to store clothes—it’s a vital part of your daily routine which should be both practical and aesthetic. Let us light up your Chicago closet with elegant custom lighting. Contact us today for your free consultation. 




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