Get Cookin’ — Pantry Organization

Our designers went to work and created this solution for pantry organization that we custom installed for our Lake Bluff client who was short on storage space in their kitchen. We designed 24” high vertical dividers for easy storage of serving trays and large platters. Beneath those dividers, we placed small baskets to corral unwieldy cooking supplies and utensils. The 18” deep back wall shelving provides a space for bulkier items, such as large cooking pots, a kitchen mixer and other small appliances. The corner continuous shelves are a good place to store items that don’t need to be accessed on a daily basis such as larger pots, pans or serving dishes.
On the right wall we installed pullout shelves, which allow for easy access and visibility of canned and dry goods. Also, larger baskets were incorporated into the design for to the space to house potatoes, onions or even bags of potato chips. The whole system is wall hung from the wall to allow extra storage underneath for bottled water, soda and other bulk goods.
To take advantage of the 3rd wall in the pantry, which couldn’t house shelving due to space constraints, we added a cleat with hooks—to be used for storing cooking aprons. 
If you’d like to get cooking on organizing your kitchen, contact us today. We’d love to work with you on how to make your kitchen space work better for your families needs – make mealtime and snack time easier when everything has its place!
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