Boring to Beautiful: Basement Laundry gets a Custom Storage Makeover

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Chicagoland Home Products has never met a basement laundry room and storage area, like this one in Hoffman Estates, that it couldn’t tame. Most people hear “basement laundry” and think, “Creepy, nasty, smelly.” Go ahead and pick two or three negative adjectives of your own and then compare that with what you see in these pictures. Antonyms are in order because what you see is the opposite of what often presents itself in a basement room with a washer and dryer.

This basement laundry room provides custom-made storage and a wide folding station, plus a mudroom area, and it does it all in style. Style that exudes, a word you don’t want to use in most basements, from materials like the rain cloud panels and shelves.

Dress that up even more with river rock and vintage countertop. Don’t stop there. Drive the Chicagoland Home Product’s aesthetic home with Mission style fronts accessorized with by oil rub bronze hardware.

Take a look at the pictures one more time. Yes, that is a folding surface on top of excellent storage area. To be sure, you are seeing a mudroom niche with a convenient place to sit right under a provision for hanging whatever you want hung.

There is a sink, a washer, dryer and even more surface and storage. The typical basement laundry is washed up, so let CHP make something like this that fits your needs, in your space, real soon.

Call, email, text and begin the journey to what might, even, be called an “inviting” basement laundry today.

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