5 Garage Storage Solutions to Help You Get Organized

If you’re looking to tidy up your garage space, look no further. With these 5 simple ideas from Chicagoland Home Products, you’ll be well on your way to a cleaner, neater space.

1) Cut clutter

We know this one sounds obvious, but so many of us forget to occasionally pare down what we’re hanging on to. CHP recommends a quarterly assessment of what’s in your garage: is it fall and you’re looking at whiffle ball bats that went untouched all summer? Donate them. Spending your spring staring down a snowblower to stopped working after the first snowfall? Get it repaired, or get rid of it.

2) Invest in a slatwall

Adding a slatwall to your garage opens up a wide range of storage options. It also helps save space in a narrow garage where there might not be room for traditional shelving.

3) There’s no such thing as too many hooks

Single, double, curved, straight, loop to S hooks — these will be your go-to’s for getting awkward tools off the garage floor and in order. No more tripping over the broom — stow it away, but keep it conveniently in reach with a hook.

4) Specialize for your storage needs

Tennis pro? Golf lover? Many sports items do better with specialized storage. We carry a number of storage systems for corralling even the most unruly sporting goods.

5) Embrace the hyloft

When you’ve run out of floor space and wall space, you’ve got one option left — look up! Adding a hyloft to your garage allows you to utilize space that you would normally be able to in order to store items that you need less frequently. Perfect for seasonal items (Christmas and Hannukah decorations, we’re looking at you here) that you only need once a year.

Want a little help getting your garage fully organized? Let us jump in! Give us a call at  877.389.5500, use the chat box at the right or schedule a free in-home consultation online now.

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