Wall Beds: An Office Becomes a Guest Room

Chicagoland Home Products knows that when clients must multi-task, they want rooms in their house, condo or apartment that will work as hard as they do. CHP designed a custom office built-in with a murphy bed in Northfield, Illinois, that provides two rooms in one.

An office was essential. In these times of working out of the home or rocking a side gig, an office that you can walk to without leaving your house is often a necessity. Since space costs money, making that office perform double duty as a bedroom is an economical idea.

Some people make do with a desk crammed in the corner of a bedroom and call it an office. That is not the case with Chicagoland Home Product’s custom storage solution. Rustic Cherry finish sparks an office that is very office-like with a desk, file storage and a place for office supplies.

Other people make do with an air mattress thrown on the floor, crammed next to an office chair and call it a bedroom. Not so here. The same Rustic Cherry ignites a classy bedroom with side cabinets and shelves for storage.

What you have here is an office that is an office and a bedroom that is, really, a bedroom. Those two rooms occupy the same space with panache. It can be done, as you see in the pictures.

For any storage solution or productivity need, in the office or home, and for window covering applications, call Chicagoland Home Products. Don’t hesitate to contact CHP for those hard to define projects. Just call, chat or email with your need and watch CHP generate ideas and provide your custom solution.

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