How Seated Bay Window Treatments Can Give Your Home More Space

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At Chicagoland Home Products, it is our goal to save our clients as much space as possible so they have more room to enjoy their homes. One of the biggest hindrances to enjoying a room is the presence of too much furniture. If you have a smaller sized family and do not entertain guests on a regular basis, an abundance of furniture becomes a hassle and reduces the quality of the square footage for which you have paid. Here are several examples of rooms where bay window treatments become functional and fashionable seating areas that help save space.

Bedroom Seated Bay Window Treatment

For the children of your home, the bedroom is their sanctuary. However, their bedrooms are often the smallest parts of the house. Instead of placing chairs in their rooms, consider installing a window seat where they can study, play video games, and go about their business without having to deal with too much clutter.

Living Room Seated Bay Window Treatment

A big comfortable couch seems like a necessity for every household, but it is not as necessary as you may think. Installing a couple of seats on the windows will shine more light into your room and give you ample space to lounge about while watching television or staring out into the sunset. Need privacy? We can also help you design customized Chicago window coverings!

Dining Room Seated Bay Window Treatment

Most households use dining rooms to entertain guests and hold family functions for Christmas and Thanksgiving. When your dining room is not in use, it makes sense to ditch the cumbersome table in favor of a couple of window seats that can be used as seats when you expect company. The space you get by removing the table will give you a much more open floor plan.

Kitchen Seated Bay Window Treatment

Very few families actually eat dinner at the kitchen table anymore. Why would you want to have an unnecessary table taking up space in the busiest room in your home? When you install a window seat in the kitchen, you get a gorgeous place to sit down, have your morning coffee, and catch up on the latest news on your laptop or tablet device.

Installing seats in your bay windows not only gives you more space in the house, it also helps you save money on new furnishings. The bottoms of your bay windows can easily be converted into storage spaces so you can relieve yourself of even more clutter.


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