No Strike Outs Here: Great Garage Storage

Just because winter is looming doesn’t mean that sports season is over – for some, their favorite sports are just starting! All of that equipment longs for a place for a time out — a custom storage solution to rest up for next season or the next use. It needs to be kept somewhere safe and protected where your investment in it will not be wasted — that’s where a well-organized garage storage system comes into play.


Take a look at this garage that was designed especially with that in mind. No matter if you cheer for the Cubs or the Sox, you’ll appreciate these three alloy finish storage cubbies that house and organize enough equipment for a whole team.

If you want a place to kick off the cleats, tie your shoes or just collapse for a moment after the long run so you can gather enough strength to hit the shower, then you will love the storage bench located just in front of the window.

Since you are serious about sports, “hydration, hydration, hydration,” has become your mantra. You will never run out of water, sports drinks and other cold beverages when you keep the shelves, shown here, fully stocked.

Serious sports storage doesn’t end there. Look just above the cubbies and the bench and you see 3 ceiling storage units for off-season items like outdoor seat cushions, personal floatation devices, coolers and camping equipment.

Just about everyone has different sports and exercise preferences so everyone’s storage solution needs vary. Chicagoland Home Products can provide the custom storage system that is just right for you. Call, chat or email today and we can get on the way to having a handy place for all your sports equipment.


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