All Locked Up: A Closet with Security

Chicagoland Home Products transformed a closet area recently, in Northbrook, Illinois. They have made a habit of that over the years and have satisfied customers with custom storage solutions all over the greater Chicago area. This project is no different.

It’s not hard to see the drawers and the hanging areas and the attractive Rustic Cherry finish. It’s easy to notice how the handles accent the unit. One could, probably, guess that a company with the great reputation of CHP would be able to present a client with a choice of custom finishes, a wide variety of handles and partner with the client to design, exactly, the best storage solution. If you guessed those things, you would be right.

But, it is the little things, the creative touches, that allow Chicagoland Home Products to stand above the crowd. You see that here, in the way they maximize space by using the perimeter area of the closet for hanging.

You might not have thought about complementing the peninsula with a bench to provide a convenient place to put on your socks and shoes.

It’s possible no one would have thought of an easy-to-reach, yet lockable, jewelry drawer that provides an extra level of security that will slow down everyone from inquisitive three-year olds to intruders.

You expect your custom storage professional to help you discover great ideas and provide unique solutions. Chicagoland Home Products does that and other things that they will discover in collaboration with you when you choose them to work on your project.

Closets, window treatments, garage storage and whatever you might be able to dream, are all things that Chicagoland Home Products will help you discover when you call 877.389.5500 or email them now.


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