Custom White Closet with Wood Doors in Lisle, IL

Custom White Closet with Wood Doors in Lisle, IL

Designer: Lynn Cassanova

Color: White 

Location: Lisle, IL

This closet blew us away. The dark oakwood doors are perfectly complemented by the crisp white interior. The combination of white and wood is a match made for creating timeless closet spaces. White’s clean backdrop serves as a crisp canvas, which emphasizes the natural beauty of wood.
Wooden elements, from doors to drawers, look great against the crispness of white surroundings. The contrast between the brightness of white and the earthy warmth of wood textures adds depth and character to closets.
You can opt for something more contemporary or classic, but either way, the fusion of white and wood offers both elegance and a timeless appeal. White can enhance the spaciousness of closets, while wood brings a sense of comfort and organic charm. 
This enduring combination isn’t just a design trend; it’s a recipe for creating closets that are both inviting and stylish, making every visit to your closet a pleasant experience.
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Another stunning project by our expert designer Lynn Cassanova. 

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