Limited Space? Opt for High Ceiling Closet Shelving

Designer: Teri Magee

Color: White
Closet Height: 96 inches
Location: Chicago


Custom Office for Your Chicago Home

When your closet space is limited (like in this downtown high rise apartment in Chicago), vertical storage is a smart strategy.

You can add extra shelving at the top of your closet to make the most of every inch of available space. This elevated shelf is ideal for storing off-season items like winter coats, heavy blankets, summer swimsuits, or belongings you don’t need to access regularly, such as luggage or keepsakes. 

This helps you free up more accessible space in your closet for frequently-used items, so you can keep your closet organized and uncluttered. Plus, it’s an excellent solution to avoid the hassle of switching out your seasonal wardrobe since you can simply store out-of-season clothing and gear on the upper shelf, leaving more room for your frequent attire.

The vertical approach to closet organization is a practical and efficient method that can help anyone make the most of their limited storage space while keeping their living space tidy and functional.

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