Lighted System for Client’s Lego Display

Lighted System for Client’s Lego Display

Designer: Sue Trainor

Color: Chocolate Pear Tree

Location: Northbrook, LI

Here, we designed a lighted storage system for our client’s Lego display! We can’t wait to see how it turns out, but even without the Legos, it’s a stunning look. 

If you want to highlight your favorite collectibles, trinkets, or other meaningful belongings, our custom cabinets can showcase them perfectly. Our custom cabinets offer more than just storage; they provide a platform for your cherished items to shine. 

Whether it’s vintage vinyl records, family heirlooms, or prized art pieces, our tailored solutions ensure that your treasures are not only safely stored but also beautifully displayed. With customizable lighting options, adjustable shelving, and premium finishes, we can create the perfect showcase for your unique collection. 

Let us help you turn your space into a reflection of your passions and personality with our expertly crafted storage solutions. Schedule your free consultation today. 

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