Inventive Bathroom Storage in Chicago

Chicagoland Home Products knows, that when it comes to custom storage solutions— the traditional options don’t always work. Just like in this small Chicago bathroom — a hinged door just won’t fit, where the toilet stood in the way and a creative solution had to found. Enter the sliding doors on the base cabinets which create a much cleaner look than the alternative, open shelves.

Shelves provide easily accessible space for linens and toiletries or your decorating touches. Hamper and liner are placed, conveniently, on the right side of this unit. A classic white bathroom is enhanced by the storage system with white shaker fronts, crown and base molding. Of course, you can choose from a wide selection of colors and finish to harmonize with your decorating decisions.

Chicagoland Home Products understands when the hinged door won’t swing and, exactly, what to do about it. So call CHP with your bathroom storage needs. You probably know this, already, but we create storage where it is difficult and, often, where it seems almost impossible. Whether it is for your closet, kitchen, bedroom, garage, basement or a room to be named later, give us a call and we will give you some great options.

As autumn starts looking our way, it is, also, a great time to consider a change in window treatments. When it is just too bleak to gaze out the window, it is the time to shut out the cold rains of November behind attractive, custom-designed, blinds, shades or drapes.

Call or email us and let’s collaborate to find the perfect fix for your home.

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