Storage Design in Hinsdale, IL | Custom Closets

Storage Design in Hinsdale, IL | Custom Closets

Designer: Teri Magee

Color: White Chocolate with Regal Fronts

Location: Hindsdale, IL

This Hinsdale home saw an organizational upgrade with this closet in the color “White Chocolate,” designed by Teri Magee. This client needed more rods for hanging, and we were happy to oblige. Whatever your needs, our projects are customized to your needs. 

Hanging Rods Vs. Drawers 

Rods allow you to hang all your items, as opposed to folding them for drawers. This can be a great option for those who prefer an open layout for easy viewing. This setup offers efficient organization and makes it easy to grab specific garments. 

Benefits of Hanging Rods for a Closet 

Hanging items on rods also helps prevent wrinkles, maintaining the pristine condition of your clothes. Plus,  the open nature of hanging storage promotes better air circulation, preventing any issues that could develop in enclosed drawers. In essence, incorporating additional rods in your closet maximizes accessibility, preserves garment quality, and streamlines the overall organization of your wardrobe.

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