Chicago Fall: The Perfect Time To Install a Mudroom

Custom Garage Cabinets in Highland Park

Designer: Tammy Treacy

Cabinet Color: White with Seared Oak

Location: Chicago


Fall is a fantastic season to add a custom mudroom to your home, especially here in Chicago where winters can be stunning, but brutal. Don’t let the impending weather leave your home in chaos. Instead, consider adding a mudroom to your home! Don’t worry if you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to this area. As you can see in this recent project, we installed a functional unit in a relatively small space.

Protect Your Home from Weather

With the upcoming mix of snow, slush, and muck that Chicago winters bring, your home can quickly become a mess. With a mudroom, you don’t have to worry about tracking in the remnants of the outdoors every time you step inside. A mudroom acts like your home’s first line of defense against the outdoors.

Picture this: You’ve just come in from a snowy walk or a rainy errand. Instead of trekking everything all over the house, you have a stylish mudroom to hang your coats, kick off your boots, and stow away those wet umbrellas in an organized fashion. No more hunting for missing gloves or scrambling to find a spot for wet gear.

Install a Custom Mudroom in Your Home

With a custom mudroom, you’ll not only keep your home cleaner, but you’ll also add an element of style and functionality, making those chilly Chicago winters a bit more bearable. 

So, as the leaves turn and the temperatures drop, consider investing in a custom mudroom. It’s the perfect way to stay organized, minimize clutter, and enjoy the beauty of winter without all the mess! Contact us today for your free consultation. 

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