Custom Cubbies Storage Solution in Northbrook

A client in Northbrook, Illinois worked with Chicagoland Home Products to make something – a custom storage unit, specifically – out of nothing. In their den was some unused space — making that into something functional is one of the most economical transformations you will ever make. The obvious key is that you don’t have to create the space. It is already there, just begging to be of value for whatever your imagination conjures.

Here the unused space was given a purpose by filling it with fifteen cubbies which are being used for primarily books. These black cubbies are adjustable and the exterior has been trimmed out to give it a clean and finished look. Your creativity can find a variety of ways to use these shelves as you change what goes on them and the way in which they are configured.

That’s just one way something attractive and functional can be created where heretofore there has been nothing. Now, you may not even have a den but, think about unused space in your bedroom or closet.

Maybe when you look in your garage or basement, you will find a void where you might be able to create something practical. Talk to one of the professionals at Chicagoland Home Products and we will be happy to help you cast a vision for useful changes to get the most out of your unused spaces.

Think about optimizing a child’s room, a pantry or even a bathroom. CHP has made something out of nothing in all of those kinds of spaces.

Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding suburbs are where we make a habit of making homes more functional by creating more storage, designing more effective use of space and making those areas more attractive. Call 877-389-5500 or email us and we will make your project a reality even if we have to make something appear out of thin air.


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