How Closets Can Reduce Stress | Custom Storage in Chicago

Hutch Drawer Bank with 21" Deep Drawers

Designer: Sue Trainor

Color: Weekend Getaway 

Location: Chicago

Did you know a tidy closet can be an effective way to reduce stress? There are even studies to back this up. The Journal of Neuroscience found that visual clutter competes for our attention and negatively impacts our ability to concentrate and process information. On the other hand, an organized space minimizes visual stimuli, which reduces stress and helps you think more clearly. 

A cluttered closet can mean a cluttered mind. Organizing it brings surprising peace. Picture opening those doors to find everything neatly arranged. That sight can instantly soothe stress.

The act of sorting through and arranging items isn’t just practical; it’s therapeutic and studies show it even triggers the brain’s reward center. It clears physical and mental clutter. As each item finds its place, a sense of control emerges, reducing stress.

An organized closet isn’t just about appearances; it’s about efficiency. No more frantic searches or last-minute outfit crises. This efficiency saves time and eases the mental load, starting your day smoothly.

At Chicagoland Home Products, every design is tailored to declutter your space and your mind. 
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