Creating the Perfect Custom Storage Solution at Every Level

Chicagoland Home Products knows that there are times when swatches and color palettes just can’t get you where you need to go to achieve your decorating goals. CHP can take you beyond the chip to the custom paint you need to match, harmonize and tie your custom storage project together.

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood composite that is, due to its density and strength, a leap up from particle board. As you can see in this Chicago area built-in wall storage unit, MDF’s versatility, Chicagoland Home Products design skills and their ability to provide colors from here to infinity, can transform even difficult areas into just what you need.

The color here is Watermelon Slice and it takes the limited area in this bedroom and helps it blossom into an amazing and attractive amount of unified hanging and drawer space. CHP takes the awkward structural divisions in this unused wall space and creates three hanging concentrations, a bank of drawers and an area of shelving.

Three things were required to make this happen:

1. The ability to completely customize paint and stain to your specification and taste.

2. Imagination to see possibilities that are not easily envisioned.

3. The technical skill to make it all come alive.

That is what Chicagoland Home Products brings to this and every project. Give us a call or email and we will deliver all that to your home – starting with a free in-home consultation.


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