Built-in Beautiful: Custom Clothes Storage in Chicago

Closets in a city dwelling can be grand — but more likely minuscule. When you’re in love with your home, but short on closet space, what do you do? Bring the closet out! This master bedroom had plenty of floor space; instead of expanding the existing closet, we helped these homeowners create a modern look with a great built-in storage system.

To make up for the dearth of hanging storage, we started by adding two full-length hanging compartments on either end of the storage unit. We filled the middle section with a versatile bank of drawers – perfect for folded items and undergarments. And to maximize space in the bedroom, we left the top middle open, where the homeowners will mount their flat screen TV.

Great hardware (handles and drawer-pulls) can really put the perfect finishing touch on your storage system — even a basic finish can look high-end with style hardware. This built-in is finished in white shaker fronts, giving it a classic look, but the the addition of square polished chrome handles gives in a modern twist.

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