Make your home more spacious with a wall bed or built in cabinets.

As residents of Chicago, we understand just how important it is to maximize the room you've got. Space tends to be at a premium here, and every little thing you can do to make your area more comfortable will add up in the long run for your home. We offer both wall beds and built in cabinets to make your life more manageable. Our wall beds are designed with the dual purpose of instantly creating more room in your small condo or home while also providing an extra place to rest. Usually viewed as just a hide-away bed, installing a wall-bed offers you what other beds can't: utility!

During the day:

Your guest room or home office can serve as a study area.

At night:

Our wall beds instantly transform your room into a bedroom. This is perfect when you have guests visiting and need additional room to accommodate them. Don't confine your visitors to the couch or floor; give them a comfortable bed to sleep in!

    Chicagoland Home Products can also design and install custom built in cabinets for any part of your home.  Hideaway files and other important equipment to keep your room looking sharp and clean. You can even install shelving for a wall bed! With our custom solutions, you have the ability to truly create a dual purpose storage system. Whether using built in cabinets to create storage solutions for wardrobes, footwear, accessories or a guest bedroom, Chicagoland Home Products will work with you to design the perfect space saving option for your home. Click below to get started!