With a custom laundry room or mudroom, efficient storage is no longer a chore.

The laundry room is one of the most forgotten part of our homes—often confined to a dark basement or closet sized space with little regard to organization or design. Here at CHP, we understand the value of this room and how it serves double duty. It's not just a place to wash and dry clothes, but also a utility area that should house cabinets, rods, and shelves to quickly save you time and space. With a custom laundry room, you'll have a space that looks clean and modern. A mudroom is essential for the seasons in the Midwest. We all require plenty of coats, boots, umbrellas, bags, and other accessories to get by, especially when winter comes here in Chicago. The mudroom is meant to serve as an entry way to your home. It is a space that buffers the rest of your house from dirt and water that is brought in from the outside. An efficient mudroom storage system seamlessly integrates with your home, and will go a long way towards reducing the clutter in your closets. Chicagoland Home Products has the expertise to design custom laundry room and mudroom storage systems that will instantaneously organize your home while looking great and adding space.   Ready to get started? Click below and see what we can do for you!