Making the Most of Unused Space

Chicagoland Home Products makes dead space come live. If someone offered you a deal where you could have the additional closet space seen in this project, my guess is, you couldn’t wait to snap it up. The average cost per square foot of a house in Highland Park, Illinois, is $221 (per Trulia), so using unused space helps increase the return on investment in your home. This, not only, makes sense financially, but also, is very practical when space used for nothing turns into the “something” of 13 additional feet of usable hanging, shelving and drawers. The clean white impact of the melamine framing is carried, effectively, on to the high quality solid wood maple doors and drawer fronts. The honesty and simplicity of the shaker styling enhances the dignity of the efficient repurposing of space in this bedroom. This 24” deep structure keeps the feel crisp by allowing you to close and hide all of the hanging areas behind doors. Chrome hardware on the doors and drawers completes the look while the wood crown unites the structure giving the feeling that a skilled architect had this in mind from the beginning. After seeing the detail and care shown in this utilization of space in Highland Park, you might be wanting to know more and ask questions about things that may be just “tired” in your home. Whether your space is dead, tired, or in the design stage, Chicagoland Home Products has help for you.